Beginning a long history of executive management in the fashion industry, Patrick Guadagno commenced his career with Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Menswear, for which he served as a National Sales Manager. Designer Yves Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Bergé, founded the Yves Saint Laurent brand in 1961. Five years after its establishment, Yves Saint Laurent released a ready-to-wear luxury line of clothing for women, becoming the first couture label to do so.

In 1969, a men’s collection was launched. Following the creation of prêt-à-porter men’s and women’s collections, the designer opened a series of Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche boutiques around the world, facilitating the public’s access to luxury brands. Operating in a variety of sales management capacities for Yves Saint Laurent Menswear for eight years, Patrick Guadagno propelled the brand to a position of prominence within the designer market and earned appointment to the job of National Sales Manager.

Gucci Group acquired the Yves Saint Laurent brand in 1999. In addition to offering designer clothing for men and women, the brand touts a selection of luxury accessories, ranging from handbags and small leather goods to scarves and ties. Today, Yves Saint Laurent also sells jewelry and eyewear. The brand’s goods are available through 63 directly owned shops as well as through a number of department stores.


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