Working in the Fashion Industry, Part 1

Our guide to working in the fashion industry concludes with several more critical tips and pointers.

4. Earn an Internship

While possible, getting a job in fashion right out of college is difficult. In this economy, any employer no matter their industry wants to hire people with experience. Internships make for an excellent way to get your foot in the proverbial door and stock up on that critical experience that most employers want to see before they hire you.

5. Apply for a Job in Fashion

This tip probably seems obvious, but “fashion” is an abstract term. As we discussed in the first installment of our guide, the fashion industry is made up of multiple divisions. Do you want to design products? Do you write articles covering the industry or model the latest clothing, accessories, and styles? Choose an area of focus early and apply all your energy and discipline to building a resume and portfolio that will get you a job in that particular area of the fashion field.

6. Stay Current

After Attaining Employment You might think that once you work in fashion, keeping up with trends will be even easier than it was before. Not necessarily. Once employed, you will be so consumed with your particular company’s objectives that you might miss out what others are doing. Whether at work or during your own time, keep up with all the latest and greatest fashions to understand current trends of the market its present condition, and where it will head next.


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