A leader in the fashion industry, Patrick Guadagno served as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Versace US and the Managing Director of Dolce & Gabbana USA. Patrick Guadagno has experience in every aspect of the fashion industry. Here he explains the basics of a career in fashion marketing.

Fashion marketing combines design, advertising, and image with a strong interest in the fashion world. People who specialize in this type of marketing take a new line of clothing and bring it to the interest of the industry, exposing the brand in getting the attention it needs to be successful in the highly competitive market place.

Fashion marketers ask questions about a new line, including who is most likely to purchase it, in what combinations it will be most successful, and how it will appeal to various market segments. Marketers stay connected with the latest styles and trends in various age groups, popular culture, and high fashion in order to better serve their clients by helping them target their work to the best audience.

Fashion marketers work behind the scenes in the industry, tracking consumer buying patterns, trends, and advertising technologies. As specialists in advertising, they aide designers and manufacturers to create a compelling advertising message surrounding each collection, often designing marketing materials and choosing where to deploy them for the greatest impact. They work to connect designers directly to the consumer, conveying their products to those who want to engage in them.


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